From Advertising Creative to PR Strategist: How One Graduate Found the Career Right for Her

I had the chance to speak to recent University of Oregon SOJC graduate Allison Day about her career decision to move from advertising to public relations. Allison moved to San Francisco after graduating in spring of 2014 and briefly 136f772worked for Giant Creative Advertising Agency. Starting as an account manager for a high-profile client, Allison was thrown into the crazy mix of advertising. The fast pace and overwhelming intensity of advertising account management became her least favorite part of her budding career. She could tell that a change was in her near future.

Allison took her leave from Giant and began to pursue a career in public relations. She now works as a social media research and graphic design intern for Fineman PR. Here are the top five tips she gave me for finding my dream career:

5. Do something that you actually enjoy

Wake up every morning and actually want to go to work. Never pursue a career in which you do not enjoy going to work. There are very few people who enjoy what they do for a living – do not become one of these people. As a person about to enter the workforce, do so with energy and willingness to succeed in the career you want. Passion is not the only requirement within your career choice, but it is essential.

4. Branch out

Don’t get stuck in a rut. If you graduated with a degree in advertising, there is no reason why you can’t look into how the world of public relations works. If you don’t enjoy the mix-up in career choices, then you know it is not the business for you and you can move on. See how other companies work and produce work.

3. Think about what you’re good at

Focus on your best skills and research careers in which you would excel based on your skill set. Maybe there is not one career you would be good at but multiple. Think about where you would fit in best. This is where you will exceed and be the best you can be.

2. Find a confidant

If you are not attaining the right amount of inspiration in the workplace, find someone who you admire and learn from him or her. This mentor can give you insight into the career choices that will lead you to being a better and happier employee. Informational interviews are always a great gateway into procuring a mentor and seeing which career is the best choice for you.

1. Relax

Remember how old you are. This is only the beginning of your career. As a recent graduate, no one is expecting you to act like you have your entire career mapped out, including 401k and mortgage payments. Take a deep breath and remember that everyone has been in the same spot as you. Your career is not set in stone, but hopefully after following these steps, you will find a career worth having.

I would like to thank Allison for this opportunity to interview her. Keep up with Allison by following her on Twitter.

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